Welcome on Made in Italian!

Welcome on Made in Italian!

In Italian you can speak, think and dream. But you can also do many other things!

Are you creating emotional ties with Italian people? Would you like to visit a museum in Venice, Florence or Rome? Do you have to attend a lecture or to go to work in Italy? Are you an opera singer or interested in cooking italian dishes on your own? Or simply do you want to read, write and chat in italian? In all these cases you can improve your italian thanks to this blog and my lectures!

I can tell you that making concrete actions and using a foreign language for practical purposes is probably the fastest way to learn Italian. In fact, if you have a project to be conducted in Italian, you have thus a stronger motivation to learn this language. You will remember better the words and constructions you used, than just reading or studying in a passive manner. The active use of language in a real context enables you to capture and then to internalize the vocabulary and the grammatical structures on the long term.

Made in italian proposes to act directly with and within the language, from the beginner level, so all that the student has done during classes and at home will become part of its linguistic heritage and “operations”, on a stable and lasting way.

Made in italian is also a way to discover the Italian society in all its forms and aspects, as language, art, tourism, history, fashion, business: a journey through a centuries-old culture always full of surprises and innovations.